Monday, October 25, 2010

St. Gertrude's Monastery

St. G - Front grounds
A couple of weeks ago I went to St. Gertrude's Monastery for a lecture on
historical researching. The monastery has a retreat center, a museum and a
brand new B & B called the Inn. The whole place is simply gorgeous:
peaceful, quiet, beautiful building, beautiful grounds, nice people.

I didn't bring my computer, wrongly assuming that the place would not have
wireless but the Inn is completely modern and each room has wifi and a flat
screen tv. The large picture window kept me completely occupied the whole
time I was in my room/

St. Gertrude's is located in Cottonwood Idaho.


Skelly said...

I enjoyed this picture and post. Even with wi-fi, it does have an apart from the world feel out there, doesn't it?

. said...

Thanks Skelly. I'm not sure what time of year you were there but I highly recommend an Autumn visit. It was gorgeous!

PS - Miss your A & C blog.