Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Basket Alternative for Teens

After years of Easter baskets, I decided to try something
new last year for my daughter who is now 15 years old.
I got an over the door shoe holder at Target. This one
was white with 25 pockets. I filled each pocket with
some sort of little goodie and tried to relate each goodie
to Easter or spring. This year I’m just going to refill
the shoe holder which has hung over her door for a year
now and been used for all kinds of things.

One of the things I’m putting in it is homemade Easter
egg maracas. You can make your own with the plastic
eggs available at any drugstore. Here’s a site that gives
detailed instructions.

Also - Shasta Daisy seeds (we are big Mt. Shasta fans),
a slinky, a penny whistle, a stuffed bunny which I’m
going to enhance by sewing a lucky penny in it and other
sundry items. I’m knitting my daughter’s stuffed bunny
myself but if you are looking for a place to buy original
bunnys check out Sonia’s Etsy site here.

I’ll try to take a photo when it’s done. I fill it up
on Saturday night so when she wakes up Easter morning
she sees her surprises first thing.

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