Saturday, February 4, 2012

Travel Bug

The recent few days of sunshine combined with news that some of my 
friends are either in the midst of, or about to take, adventurous journeys 
to Paris, Marrakesh and London, has me jonesing for travel.  I’m going 
to California in June, not quite as adventurous but I’m quite excited 
about it nonetheless.  Oh how I wish the Francesa Woodman exhibit 
would still be up at the SFMOMA. For those of you in Northern California, 
it runs through February 20 and shouldn’t be missed.

I’m getting my taxes done today and if I get a refund my plans are four-fold: 
first, purchase this exhibit related book from SFMOMA; 

Second, sock away some money for California, Third, pay off some debt 
and fourth, allow myself the purchase of one new clothing item (as opposed 
to the second hand items I usually buy (happily). Fingers crossed that HR 
Block pulls through for me.

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