Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dog Advice on Metafilter

I’ve had a couple of promising second interviews and in hopes of starting full time work 
soon, I asked the following on Metafilter:

“Dog advice needed - How to keep my dogs happy while I'm at work?”

I’ve gotten some great responses including this one:

Other things - get a big Kong for each of them and fill it with treats in the morning. Hide 
treats around the house. Leave the TV on. Get someone to check in on them during the 
day. Hire a walker. If your house is set up that way, some folks swear by a doggie door 
so they can go in and out at leisure.

Sometimes I call home home and talk to my dogs when the answering machine picks 
up. I have no idea if they listen or not, but it makes me feel better (and kind of weird, 
but whatever.)

Read all the responses here.

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