Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aveda ELixir, Replacement Found

If anyone out there is still looking for a replacement for Aveda’s Elixir
(the demise of which was written about here, here andhere) I finally 
found something very close - Aveda’s Hang Straight.  Originally purchased 
for my daughter months ago because she often straightens her hair and I 
thought this would help - I used it in a moment of experimentation and found 
that it was quite a bit like elixer.  My hair was still wavy but calmer.  I used 
a dime amount with good results.

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Elliot said...

Many thanks for your helpful blog.
I've quite tight frizzy curls which don't like the hard water where I live in London, and so many years ago I was recommended Aveda's Elixir Leave-In Conditioner.
I stopped using it when I moved away, and now that I'm back I've found, like you, that it no longer exists.
What a shame!
I've just had a look for their Hang Straight, which apparently they've also just stopped making, and the Neutrogena Triple Moisture cream which another commentator recommended isn't available in the UK.
Have you found any other decent alternatives?