Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hoover Dam

I had to drive past Hoover Dam on my way to Kingman, 
Arizona this week. I had no idea it is such a tourist attraction.  
It took me an hour to drive the five miles before and at the 
Dam. I should have planned better and stayed there longer 
but it was soooo crowded I don't know that I would have been 
able to deal with it . It is an awesome sight though.

From top left, 
semi - clockwise:  

1. Just past the 
SECURITY POINT - Trucks are no longer 
allowed to drive this route due to terrorist concerns - blowing 
up the dam would result in massive flooding;  
2. VISITOr CENTER - a huge crowded building with art deco 
3. STATUES - These were stunning! If you look carefully you 
can see that people's heads are about the size of the feet of 
these winged creatures;  
4. PALM TREES at the dam. I have never had such a treeless 
week in my life (actually it was just three days but they seemed 
twice as long since there were no trees anywhere!) Palm trees 
are very pretty - but they don't give one the same comfort that 
other trees do;  
5. MORE STATUES - A closer look at one of the statues, by 
Norwegian born artist Oskar Hansen;  
6. ME - The required ME shot for my 365 - pure luck that the 
curvy road sign was in the side view mirror;  
7. KINGMAN -Arriving in Kingman Arizona, 
8. ROUTE 66 - For Americans, well, for me at least, there is a 
little thrill in seeing the Route 66 sign. Here's a video montage 
set to the song "Get your Kicks on ROute 66" or see Mr Nat King COOL himself sing it here..  
He mentions Kingman, where I was, in the chorus.

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