Monday, May 4, 2009

Uppers, anyone?

Mondays are always tough but this Monday
was exhausting. Perhaps I need a little
pick me up . . . like this woman:

This photo is from a 1956 ad for Dexidrine.
Part of it reads "why is this woman tired ?
. . . . She may be tired for either of two
reasons: because she is mentally "done
in." Many of your patients -- particularly
housewives -- are crushed under a load of
dull, routine duties that leave them in a
state of mental and emotional fatigue. For
these patients, you may find 'Dexedrine'
an ideal prescription. 'Dexedrine' will give
them a feeling of energy and well-being,"

Wow. Think I'll pass.


kompoStella said...

hullo there -
found you while unravelling.
this post is hilarious! and it makes me laugh even more as i remember my grandmother telling me how she would put dexedrine in the punch when they were throwing a party! shocking but very funny :-O

"see" you "in class"!

littlem said...

He, he... where do I get some?

sas said...

Thats fantasic.
Sas (Unraveller)