Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bring Aveda Elixer Back Campaign

Got the comment below from Stacy - another
Elixir fan:

If you call this number 1-800-284-8616, it
is Aveda's head office and if they get enough
calls asking for Elixir they will bring it
back. I was told this by the staff at the
Aveda Academy salon (who said the Area manager
told them to tell all their customers) and
also by the 800 # for Aveda products. Call NOW,
we can get it back. In the mean time, I am
using a product called Walking Weightless by
Giovanni - not perfect but ok.


zex said...

Thanks for spear-heading the effort. I have used the product for over a decade and love it. They do not even make another product to replace it. I will call on Tuesday. Thanks for posting this blog

Margie said...

ditto! I have been using the elixer since Aveda started this product line and my hair has not been the same since I ran out! I stockpiled for a year...but now, sadly, all of it is GONE!

Gracehoper said...

Margie. I have about 1/4 of a bottle left that I use only on special occasions . . . I will miss it.