Thursday, January 24, 2008


After long and careful consideration, including such fine
dog names as Brady, Grady, Yogi, BooBoo, Finnegan, Newton,
Plato, Bruno, Cosmo, Finbar, Hawkeye, Natty Bumpo and Dermot,
we finally settled on the name Seamus which Mike now answers
to just fine.

Seamus attends Kinderpuppy class on Tuesday nights. At the
end of the class, all the pups get recess- we let them off
their leash and they run around and have fun. It's pretty
cute. Last Tuesday was his third class where he learned
"leave it" very quickly. He can sit and lay down pretty
consistently. He's a pretty sharp little guy. Almost as
sharp as his teeth.

He is still working on potty training and I think moving
to a colder climate (12 degrees at 9 pm last night) has
caused a few setbacks. He does well during the day though
so I think once things warm up a little he'll be more

My life right now consists of dogs and work with occasional
breaks for daughter and reading.

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