Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Stew of Fall

First stew of fall! I made stew this weekend!
I love stew! Started it Saturday morning -
ate it for dinner Saturday night - reheated
Sunday (second say stew is the best) - and
then divided what was left in two. One half
for the freezer - the other half to use tonight
for a sort of thicker mexicanized stew with
tortillas. For the third night we add chilis
(or chili pepper flakes) and a little tomato
paste, thicken it up with flour and serve with
corn tortillas. I love that i can get four
meals out of one day of cooking.

I bought a new pot for this stew - a $50 pot
which I justified by the thought of all the
soup I am going to make this fall
and winter after the book below arrives:

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